Zeidler Group Ushers in New Era with Appointment of Executive Vice Presidents

11th January 2024

London, UK, 11 January 2024 – Zeidler Group, a pioneering force in LegalTech, RegTech, and legal services for the asset management industry, proudly announces a historic moment in its trajectory. The company heralds the elevation of two exceptional colleagues to the esteemed position of Executive Vice President, marking a monumental stride towards fostering innovation and achieving unparalleled client delivery and excellence. 

“Today marks a monumental milestone for Zeidler Group,” remarked Arne Zeidler, CEO & Founder of Zeidler Group. “The appointment of Serena Goldberg and Prashant Patil as Executive Vice Presidents embodies our commitment to fostering innovation and cultivating top-tier leadership within our organization. Their vision, commitment and expertise will propel us to new heights of success.” 

Serena Goldberg, in her newly appointed role as Executive Vice President of Products and Services, spearheads the firm’s AI integration across the group. Her primary mission is to implement a cohesive, AI-driven strategy that enhances our product and service offerings. Serena will lead in the integration of artificial intelligence into our legal, ESG, reporting, and regulatory offerings, driving the creation of innovative AI strategies that enhance our suite of products and services while meticulously aligning with client needs. 

Prashant Patil steps up as Executive Vice President of Technology, bearing the critical responsibility for the successful technical implementation of Zeidler Group’s new AI and tech-infused products and services. He is tasked with ensuring the firm’s technical infrastructure is reliable, safe, and effectively supports the company’s strategic vision and service delivery. His role also encompasses developing robust cybersecurity policies, overseeing IT procurement, and ensuring compliance with relevant data and tech use regulations. Prashant’s visionary approach has previously led to the successful and seamless integration of all ten fund solution modules as part of Zeidler Group’s proprietary platform, Zeidler Swift.  

Serena Goldberg, Executive Vice President of Product and Services, expressed her enthusiasm:  

“Taking on the role of Executive Vice President of Product and Services at Zeidler Group fills me with tremendous pride. Our focus on AI integration signifies a transformative shift in our suite of fund solutions, aiming not only for innovation but also for a profound enhancement of our product and service offerings. I am eager to lead our teams towards a future where AI-driven strategies redefine client excellence.” 

Prashant Patil, Executive Vice President of Technology, echoed this enthusiasm:  

“As the Executive Vice President of Technology, I am thrilled to spearhead the technical evolution at Zeidler Group.  Our unwavering commitment to robust infrastructure and cutting-edge digital solutions will provide greater value to our clients. The integration of AI technology into our solutions will not only support our global vision but also drive greater efficiency and security in an ever-evolving proprietary platform Zeidler Swift.” 

In addition to the promotion of Serena and Prashant, Maximilian Harper now holds the dual roles of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Delivery Officer. Max’s extensive experience in investment funds law and client delivery, coupled with his operational expertise, strengthens the firm’s management team. 

 Maximilian Harper, newly appointed Chief Operating Officer and Chief Delivery Officer stated: 

“As I step into the dual roles of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Delivery Officer, my foremost goal is to amplify our client experience. By streamlining operations and enhancing delivery mechanisms, we aim to fortify our commitment to clients’ needs, ensuring swift and precise support, and ultimately, elevating their journey with Zeidler Group.” 

Zeidler Group’s strategic appointments and restructured leadership underscore its unwavering dedication to innovation, client-centric excellence, and pioneering digital advancements within the asset management servicing industry. With a focus on transformative leadership, cutting-edge AI technology, and an unyielding commitment to client satisfaction, Zeidler Group is poised to embark on a new era of unparalleled growth and client service excellence. 

About Zeidler Group 

Zeidler Group is a technology-driven law firm and compliance provider revolutionizing legal, regulatory, and compliance services for the asset management industry. The firm establishes collaborative, strategic, and meaningful partnerships by delivering innovative digital solutions and bespoke research-based legal advice and regulatory guidance. Zeidler Group’s clientele includes some of the largest and most respected names in the industry, alongside boutique operators, serving over 250 clients with aggregate assets under management exceeding USD 1.5 trillion. 

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Kate Horgan