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Reshaping investment funds law

Zeidler works in your industry in a different way entirely, from fund formation and
legal fund management to cross-border distribution globally. All the assumptions go out of the window, including the hourly rate.

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A new dawn for
legal delivery

From fund formation to daily maintenance and cross-border registrations, Zeidler covers your legal and broader business needs.

More efficiently. Cost effectively. Faster.
To a consistently high quality. Globally.

Global Knowledge Hub

Practical legal and compliance information for asset managers and investment funds (UCITS and AIFs) covering multiple jurisdictions.

Formation of your Investment Funds

From fund formation to daily maintenance and cross-border registrations.

Legal Management of your Investment Funds

Zeidler adds some zoom to investment funds law, with nimbler processes.

Cross-Border Registrations

Registration of investment funds (UCITS and AIFs)in the EU and EEA.

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Accelerate and de-risk your Counterparty Due Diligence Process

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Our clients include

Introducing our
innovation Lab

Developing our own innovations and
supporting Legal Tech start-ups by
investing in the them and providing them
with strategic advice and business support.

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