Zeidler Group Unveils Enhanced Marketing Material Review Tool: Compliance Review of the UK Marketing Communication Rules including the FCA Anti-Greenwashing Rule

16th May 2024

London, United Kingdom, May 16, 2024 – Zeidler Group, a leading global legal and compliance firm, announces the launch of its latest enhancement to the Marketing Material Review Tool (MMR-Tool) with the UK jurisdiction now available, meaning the UK relevant regulatory requirements on marketing communications, as well as the UK Anti-Greenwashing Rules and COBS 4 included. 

Developed and meticulously maintained by Zeidler’s team of expert investment fund lawyers, the MMR Tool is designed to review marketing materials against the laws of various jurisdictions. Currently, the MMR-Tool already covers more than 25 individual laws, circulars and official publications as the basis for the automated reviews. 

Efficiently Meeting UK Regulatory Rules 

The automated MMR tool enables fund professionals to upload a variety of marketing materials, ranging from factsheets and brochures to pitch presentations and commentary. These materials will be reviewed against a comprehensive array of UK regulations governing marketing communications, including the newly introduced anti-greenwashing rules by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and COBS. Additionally, it checks consistency between the marketing material against the fund documents, such as the UK UCITS KIID, PRIIPs KID and the prospectus.  

Continuous Innovation 

Given the approaching application of the FCA’s anti-greenwashing rule on May 31, 2024, FCA-authorised firms face mounting pressure to comply with the new regime. Zeidler’s MMR tool enhancement equips compliance and distribution professionals with the support to comply with the relevant laws and regulations, thereby mitigating risks and aiding with compliance. 

Zeidler Group’s commitment to innovation and excellence is exemplified through the continuous innovation and progress within the Marketing Material Review Tool, empowering our clients to navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance with ease and precision with practical and efficient solutions. 

Elisa Forletta-Fehrenberg, Head of ESG Services Division of Zeidler Group, remarked: 

“We take pride in providing more than just legal and sustainable finance expertise; we offer useful resources that enhance efficiency and add tangible value to our client’s daily operations in meeting regulatory requirements. With the expanded scope of our MMR Tool now covering UK marketing communication rules, including the forthcoming FCA anti-greenwashing rule, we deliver practical solutions swiftly, effectively addressing the market’s demand for actionable advice and guidance.” 

Serena Goldberg, EVP of Product and Services at Zeidler Group added: 

“We understand that efficiency is paramount for fund managers. However, balancing the delivery of end investor value while effectively navigating and meeting global compliance requirements to mitigate risks presents a significant challenge. The addition of UK marketing communication coverage in our MMR Tool underscores a new era of delivering real legal value to our clients.”

Arne Zeidler, CEO and Founder of Zeidler Group, concluded: 

“Providing end-to-end solutions that meet our client’s needs for practical guidance in meeting their regulatory obligations is imperative to help grow their assets and investor base. In a landscape of evolving regulations, digital innovation is essential to staying ahead. Our proactive approach to leveraging AI and Large Language Model capabilities offers future-proofed LegalTech solutions for our clients to confidently navigate regulatory requirements and access new investors.” 

Experience the MMR Tool in Action 

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About Zeidler Group 

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Kate Horgan