Zeidler Group reveals its latest ESG solution, Global Knowledge Hub – Sustainable Finance

9th June 2022

Dublin, 9 June 2022 – The technology-driven law firm and compliance provider, Zeidler Group, expands its ESG Services Division as it launches its Global Knowledge Hub – Sustainable Finance module today through its digital platform, Zeidler Swift.  

Global Knowledge Hub (GKH) – Sustainable Finance was specifically developed by Zeidler Group’s team of sustainable finance specialist lawyers to meet the demand for practical guidance on both international and national level sustainable finance regulations and disclosure and reporting obligations.  

The digital solution acts as a resource for asset managers and investment funds (UCITS and AIFs) outlining practical information via a user-friendly dashboard to ensure compliance with the latest ESG and sustainable finance legal and regulatory requirements and obligations. 

Zeidler Group’s GKH module is led by Sarah Noville, Senior Associate. It provides practical legal information for asset managers and investment funds (UCITS and AIFs) covering over 70 jurisdictions.  

The sustainable finance edition of GKH is modelled on the existing GKH interface but focuses specifically on ESG related regulatory compliance, disclosure, and reporting requirements for UCITS and AIFs. GKH – Sustainable Finance is managed by both Elisa Forletta-Fehrenberg, Head of ESG Services Division, and Ms Noville and is the newest technology solution launched by the ESG Services Division since its inception in May 2022.  

Key features of the GKH – Sustainable Finance module include:   

  • Practical information on disclosure requirements relating to articles 6, 8 and 9 of SFDR and articles 5, 6 and 7 of the Taxonomy Regulation  
  • Information on any national “gold plating” requirements across main EU jurisdictions 
  • Created and regularly updated by sustainable finance specialist lawyers  
  • Unlimited number of users  
  • Fixed annual fee and flexible subscription plans  

 Sarah Noville, Senior Associate at Zeidler Group, said:   

“Sustainable finance regulations are only going one way. As our clients and investment community continuously navigate the complex sustainable finance landscape, it is a pleasure to be at the forefront delivering high quality research-driven legal expertise in a practical and easy to digest format.” 

Elisa Forletta-Fehrenberg, Head of ESG Services Division at Zeidler Group, added:   

“Our sustainable finance edition of GKH is designed to help meet our clients’ needs for practical legal and regulatory compliance guidance on sustainable finance matters on both an international and EU national levels. We are delighted to further enhance our ESG Services Division and ensure swift and future-proofed results for our clients”. 

Arne Zeidler, Founder and CEO of Zeidler Group, added:    

“As a technology-driven law firm and compliance provider, we continuously look to deliver innovative products to effectively solve the daily challenges our clients face. Our latest ESG solution is a testament to the hard work of our ESG Services Division and software engineering team as it encapsulates the core values of Zeidler Group and our dedication to our clients.”   

About Zeidler Group    

Zeidler Group is a technology-driven law firm and compliance provider revolutionising legal, regulatory and compliance services for the asset management industry. Zeidler Group builds collaborative, strategic, and meaningful partnerships through its provision of innovative digital solutions and bespoke research-based legal advice and regulatory guidance. Zeidler Group’s range of asset management clients includes some of the largest and most respected names in the industry, as well as boutique operators. The law firm services more than two hundred clients with aggregate assets under management above USD 1 trillion.    

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Kate Horgan