Zeidler Group launches Z-Flow a Dynamic Workflow Management Tool Designed Exclusively for the Asset Management Industry 

25th January 2024

London, United Kingdom, 25 January 2024 – Zeidler Group, a global RegTech leader in cutting-edge fund solutions for the asset management industry, proudly introduces Z-Flow, a specialised workflow management tool designed exclusively for the asset management industry. Z-Flow stands as a pivotal workflow tool in streamlining and optimising the intricate processes within the industry.

Z-Flow serves as the central hub for a diverse range of complex workflows, catering to tasks ranging from fund registrations, distributor onboarding, to launching new share classes, effectively managing the entire lifecycle of an investment firm’s funds. The workflow tool’s dynamic capabilities enable asset management firms to harness operational prowess and tailor bespoke workflows that oversee team initiatives with unparalleled precision.

Z-Flow seamlessly integrates into the digital platform of Zeidler Swift, enhancing its suite of fund modules encompassing, inter alia, fund governance, CDD, and K(I)ID Generator. By becoming the ultimate gateway to heightened operational efficiency, Z-Flow optimises every aspect of asset management processes.

Kunal Grover, Head of Business Development at Zeidler Group, stated:

“Z-Flow represents a revolutionary leap in workflow management for the asset management industry. By leveraging Z-Flow’s toolkit of capabilities, asset managers can navigate the complexities of fund lifecycle management, regulatory compliance, and operational intricacies with unparalleled ease and precision.”

Z-Flow’s versatility extends across various workflows, including but not limited to:

  • Streamlining Fund Registrations
  • Onboarding New Distributors
  • Launching New Share Classes
  • Marketing Material Review Sign Off
  • Overseeing the Entire Fund Lifecycle

Jasminka Makovec, Head of Regulatory Services Division at Zeidler Group, commented:

“Global operational managers within the funds’ industry need to dynamically navigate landscapes in which regulations don’t sleep. In addition, their teams’ work across many different time zones and processes. By empowering asset managers with our latest fund solution, which can create customised workflows, utilise the pre-populate functionality and produce audit trails, Z-Flow sets a new standard in operational efficiency and effectiveness within the asset management sector.”

Maximilian Harper, Chief Delivery Officer at Zeidler Group, said:

“Z-Flow stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to revolutionise global fund operations for asset managers. Embedded within our suite of fund solutions, this centralised, dynamic workflow tool not only navigates complexities but reshapes operational efficiencies. We take pride in advancing our digital platform’s technological capabilities, offering a modernised infrastructure that drives the fund operations of asset managers into the future.”

For more information about Z-Flow and how it transforms asset management workflows, please visit Zeidler.Group.

About Zeidler Group

Zeidler Group is a technology-driven law firm revolutionising legal, regulatory, compliance, and reporting services for the asset management industry. Zeidler Group builds collaborative, strategic, and meaningful partnerships by providing innovative digital solutions and bespoke research-based legal advice and regulatory guidance. Zeidler Group’s range of asset management clients includes some of the largest and most respected names in the industry and boutique operators. The firm services more than 250 clients with aggregate assets under management above USD 1.5 trillion.

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Kate Horgan