Zeidler Group Launches Enhanced Transaction Costs Calculations Services 

8th November 2023

New York, 8 November 2023 – Zeidler Group, a prominent provider of cutting-edge, digitally innovative fund solutions for the asset management industry, is delighted to announce the introduction of its enhanced transaction cost calculation services. This latest offering is designed to streamline operations, enhance compliance, and improve transparency, particularly concerning costs and charges, addressing critical considerations within the asset management industry. 

Zeidler Group’s automated transaction cost calculation solution optimises transaction cost calculation processes, offering asset managers a fully managed and innovative solution that streamlines the calculation process from data ingestion to the delivery of final results. This advancement offers numerous benefits to asset managers, enhancing the efficiency of production processes and the subsequent distribution of data into the market.  

Gemma Capelo, Head of Reporting Services Division, at Zeidler Group, stated:

“Our latest enhancement presents an exciting opportunity for us to ensure our clients succeed with responsive tech-driven solutions.  With our clients’ requirements and the wider asset management industry’s key considerations in mind, we are delighted to provide a standalone, automated end-to-end, fully managed solution for calculating clients’ transaction costs in line with applicable regulatory requirements. In addition, as the need for an all-in-one fund solution service provider continues, we intentionally strive to innovate and enhance our reporting solutions with the future in mind.”

Key features of the enhanced transaction cost calculation solution include: 

  • Automated Calculation Engine: Our cutting-edge automated calculation engine ensures real-time validation of data inputs, error detection, and a user-friendly interface for reliable results. 
  • Comprehensive Compliance: Our reporting team guarantees accurate transaction cost calculations in line with PRIIPs/MiFID II ex-post and MiFID II ex-ante requirements. 
  • Customizable Calculation Models: Tailor your calculations with options like the “Arrival Price” Methodology (EU and UK) and the “New PRIIPs” Methodology. 
  • Scalability and Integration: Our solution scales to your needs, offering seamless integration with data sources for real-time calculations. 
  • Enhanced Automation: Customize automated processes to manage transaction results with client-specific thresholds and exception handling. 
  • Streamlined Data Management: Utilize Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for data delivery with no specific file format requirements, reducing operational hassles. 
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous validation at all stages ensures accuracy and reliability of outputs. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive interface simplifies navigation, reducing the learning curve for implementation. 
  • Seamless Dissemination: Easily distribute computed results for inclusion in PRIIPs KIDs and/or MiFID II (EMT) production, enhancing efficiency. 
  • Transparency and Reporting: Access historical cost data for comprehensive analysis and reporting, promoting cost transparency. 
  • Cost Savings: Automate transaction cost calculations to reduce internal time and effort, ultimately lowering operational costs. 
  • Effortless Integration:  Efficiently integrates with our comprehensive suite of fund solutions, including KIDs, EMT, and EPT. 

Kunal Grover, Head of Business Development at Zeidler Group, commented: 

“At Zeidler Group, we are committed to empowering our clients to scale their fund operations for the future. Whether you are a small or large asset management firm, our calculations engine is scalable to meet your requirements. Our latest enhancements increase efficiency and better serve our clients.” 

Arne Zeidler, CEO and Founder at Zeidler Group, added: 

“Our enhanced transaction cost calculation solution is a game-changer for asset managers. The latest enhancement and automation of our transaction cost calculation services further solidifies Zeidler Group’s position as a digitally innovative and progressive fund solutions provider. This innovation is a testament to the hard work of our software engineering and of course, our Reporting Services Division.” 

About Zeidler Group 

Zeidler Group is a technology-driven law firm revolutionising legal, regulatory, compliance, and reporting services for the asset management industry. Zeidler Group builds collaborative, strategic, and meaningful partnerships by providing innovative digital solutions and bespoke research-based legal advice and regulatory guidance. Zeidler Group’s range of asset management clients includes some of the largest and most respected names in the industry and boutique operators. The firm services more than 250 clients with aggregate assets under management above USD 1.5 trillion.  

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Kate Horgan