Zeidler Group enhances ESG EET solution with v.1.1.2 capabilities for robust ESG reporting solution

6th March 2024

Frankfurt, Germany, 5 March 2024, Zeidler Group, a global legal and compliance firm, announces another milestone within its ESG Services Division to continue servicing clients in the best way possible. The firm today announces the latest upgrade to its ESG services and solution, specifically the EET solution, now enhanced with automated and tech-driven capabilities to comply with version 1.1.2. 

The European ESG Template (EET), developed by FinDatEx, stands as a cornerstone in the European financial industry for standardized ESG data sharing. While not mandatory, the EET has become instrumental in aligning financial entities with the sustainable preferences of their underlying clients, notably structured around SFDR articles (Articles 6, 8, and 9). 

Zeidler Group’s latest upgrade to their EET solution empowers clients by streamlining the creation of the European ESG Template (EET) version 1.1.2. This enhanced solution notably reduces manual input, effectively mitigating the risk of errors and ensuring a more efficient reporting process. 

A standout feature of the enhanced EET solution is the tool’s embedded technology that automatically cross-validates the EET against the FinDatEx standard logic. This robust mechanism guarantees compliance and correctness in the data provided, reinforcing the credibility of the generated template. 

Elisa Forletta-Fehrenberg, Head of ESG Services Division at Zeidler Group, commented: 

“In the ever-evolving landscape of ESG reporting, our dedicated ESG legal team is committed to offering our clients an enhanced EET tool that aligns seamlessly with industry standards. The upgraded EET solution, combined with the legal and regulatory expertise of our ESG team, empowers asset management firms to stay ahead in their industry and fulfil their ESG commitments with confidence.” 

Kwame Taylor, Associate at Zeidler Group, said: 

“Our enhanced EET solution is a robust tool for simplifying ESG reporting.  Its automation reduces manual efforts with automatic validation against FinDatEx standards. It also reinforces our commitment to delivering excellence in ESG compliance.” 

Max Harper, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Delivery Officer at Zeidler Group added: 

“The advanced functionalities embedded in our enhanced EET solution reflects our commitment to transformative client experiences. Through seamless automation and compliance integration, we elevate efficiency, empowering clients to navigate ESG reporting with confidence. This tool is a testament to our dedication to servicing the funds industry, showcasing the collaboration of our excellent software engineering and ESG legal teams.” 

In an era where sustainable practices and responsible financial reporting are paramount, Zeidler Group remains at the forefront, empowering its clients with innovative tools to navigate the evolving landscape of ESG compliance. The strengthened EET solution, now at version 1.1.2, marks Zeidler Group’s unwavering commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that foster transparent and responsible business practices constantly in alignment with industry needs. 

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Kate Horgan