Zeider Group Embarks on an Exciting Expansion of its Global Knowledge Hub with Introduction of Investment Services

5th December 2023

New York, 5 December 2023 – Zeider Group is delighted to announce the expansion of its proprietary web-based knowledge platform, Global Knowledge Hub, unveiling a significant addition in content: Investment Services. Driven by a steadfast commitment to delivering comprehensive and invaluable legal insights, this new content type marks a pivotal stride in Zeidler Group’s cornerstone mission to empower compliance, legal, and distribution professionals within asset management with practical legal insights. 

The introduction of Investment Services content specifically focuses on carrying out investment services and activities and covers the legal and regulatory requirements when carrying out advisory services and investment management, such as providing investment advice or discretionary portfolio management. By offering detailed insights into compliance standards, regulatory frameworks, and fund industry nuances, Zeider Group aims to empower compliance and fund distribution professionals to navigate the complexities of the global investment landscape.  

As Zeider Group continues to evolve its Global Knowledge Hub, the firm remains resolute in its commitment to empowering asset management firms with unparalleled legal, regulatory, reporting, and ESG insights and resources, positioning itself as a cornerstone of knowledge within the global investment landscape. 

Valentin Chantereau, Head of Legal Services Division at Zeider Group commented: 

“We are thrilled to announce this significant expansion of our Global Knowledge Hub with the introduction of the Investment Services content. The latest addition of content underscores our legal team’s unwavering dedication to providing invaluable resources and fostering a deeper understanding of global investment regulations to empower asset management teams globally.” 

With the launch, the Investment Services content initially spotlights three prominent countries in the financial landscape: Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. The new content provides a comprehensive understanding of the investment protocols in each jurisdiction. Within the next 12 months, the lawyers and legal specialists behind the Global Knowledge Hub remain committed to broadening its coverage, encompassing an expansive array of countries, both within and outside the European Union. 

The expansion of the Global Knowledge Hub, which already covers 70+ jurisdictions for fund marketing, aims to equip our clients with a holistic understanding of global investment regulations, offering unparalleled insights into diverse jurisdictions and fostering informed decision-making when it comes to advisory and investment management services. 

Patricia Nitschke, Associate, at Zeidler Group, added: “The breadth and depth of practical legal knowledge across our Global Knowledge Hub will be invaluable to our clients. We look forward to continuing the expansion of this content to include additional EU and non-EU jurisdictions to ensure our clients have access to investment services’ rules globally.” 

About Zeidler Group   

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Kate Horgan