Navigating the FCA’s TMPR Exit: Landing Slot Notifications for UCITS Operators

28th September 2023

On 19 September 2023, the FCA announced on its website that they will be contacting operators of UCITS in the temporary marketing permissions regime (“TMPR”) in the coming months regarding landing slots for exiting the TMPR.

While the FCA is currently still reviewing the process of exiting the TMPR and the notification of landing slots, they have requested operators of UCITS to confirm their contact email addresses as shown on the FCA’s FS Register, as the FCA will be using these email addresses to contact operators regarding details of the process and landing slot.

Please note that the email address should be for the operator and not an external consultancy firm or other third party (e.g., cannot be a Zeidler email address).

If funds registered under TMPR are no longer marketing in the UK, they should be removed from the TMPR. Zeidler’s Regulatory Services Division will be reaching out to our UK Ongoing Fund Governance clients shortly to confirm the contact email addresses to be used by the FCA to notify about the landing slots.


Rui Ci Lee