Principal Adverse Impacts: Lessons Learned from the First Year of Entity Level Disclosures

10th November 2023

Navigate the dynamic ESG regulatory landscape, with our latest ESG whitepaper.

Our ESG experts delve into critical ESG themes that are redefining the narrative:

  • Explore the importance of Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) and their influence on your ESG strategy.


  • ESRS Demystified: Unveil the intricate connection between PAIs and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), unlocking their mutual influence.


  • Best Practices & Real-world Insights: Immerse in practical case studies, absorb best practices, and arm yourself with actionable insights to elevate your ESG reporting.

Position yourself at the forefront of ESG excellence with our guide to mastering the nuances of ESG reporting.

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Katrina Crampton