Navigating Taxonomy Reporting Compliance for financial firms

19th April 2024


This case study explores how Zeidler’s ESG Team provided essential guidance to a leading German financial firm grappling with the complexities of the European Union’s Taxonomy Regulation, the Non-financial Reporting Directive (“NFRD”), and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (“CSRD”). The client, a German Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”) investing in clean energy and sustainable infrastructure, sought advice on fulfilling CSRD and taxonomy reporting requirements given its complex investment and corporate structure.

The Client’s Challenge

The client sought clarification on look-through approaches to assess the extent of Taxonomy Reporting as well as the EU Taxonomy Reporting Obligations while being a part of a large entity and as a holding company.

Strategic Solutions

Zeidler’s ESG Team, through practical and actionable legal and regulatory advice, provided the client with the ability to understand its circumstances and ultimately conduct commercial and practical conversations with its stakeholders with the ultimate goal being the appropriate reporting framework to be put in place.

Expert Guidance for Compliance and Strategic Advantage

Utilising Zeidler’s extensive ESG knowledge, our client successfully navigated the intricate regulatory framework of EU taxonomy and CSRD reporting mandates. Through personalised guidance, Zeidler’s ESG legal team supported the client to be in compliance with the regulation and reporting obligations. In addition, our ESG legal team empowered the client to seize opportunities aligned with their sustainability objectives. This strategic approach fosters trust with partners and stakeholders and establishes a proactive stance in driving sustainable initiatives forward.

Embrace the Future of Sustainable Investing

With Zeidler’s support, the client transitioned from facing regulatory challenges to embracing a strategic approach to sustainability reporting. This case study exemplifies the power of expert and industry-tailored advice in navigating the intricacies of ESG compliance, enabling clients to focus on their core mission of fostering sustainable investments.

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Kwame Taylor