Empowering Global Operations: How Zeidler’s European Facilities Agent Service Revolutionized Cross-Border Efficiency and Savings

28th August 2023


This case study highlights how a prominent US-based asset management firm optimized its cross-border operations and reduced costs by utilizing Zeidler’s European Facilities Agent service. The client, managing a Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities), faced operational complexities and rising expenses due to managing multiple local and paying agents across various EU jurisdictions.

The Client’s Dilemma

Being a US-centered asset management firm responsible for overseeing a Luxembourg-based UCITS, the company encountered operational hurdles and increasing expenses. These issues stemmed from the necessity to manage numerous local agents and paying agents across diverse EU jurisdictions. The task of establishing and supervising relationships with these agents, particularly for fund registrations, led to delays and inefficiencies within their cross-border operations.

Challenges Faced:

The client was struggling with the following challenges:

Managing Complex Network of Agents:

Managing relationships with several local agents and paying agents across multiple EU jurisdictions was proving to be operationally taxing and expensive. The process required significant time and resources, impacting the company’s ability to efficiently expand into new markets.

Agreement Delays:

When entering new EU jurisdictions, the process of identifying, negotiating, and establishing agreements with local agents was time-consuming. This delay hindered the client’s timely fund registrations in these jurisdictions.

Escalating Cost:

The cost of maintaining numerous agent relationships, along with the associated oversight and administrative tasks, was putting an increasing strain on the client’s resources.

Solution: Enter Zeidler’s European Facilities Agent

In response to these challenges, the client turned to Zeidler’s European Facilities Agent service for a strategic solution. Zeidler’s service offered a centralized agent within the European Economic Area, eliminating the need for multiple local and paying agents. This streamlined approach aimed to enhance cross-border operations efficiency.

 Positive Outcomes Achieved:

  1. Cost Savings: The consolidation of agent relationships and administrative efforts translated into substantial cost savings, bolstering the client’s operational and financial performance.
  2. Simplified Agreements: Zeidler facilitated the termination of existing agent relationships and a smooth transition to Zeidler’s central agent service, simplifying the client’s agent network.
  3. Enhanced Time Management: Working with a single representative reduced delays, enabling prompt entry into new EU jurisdictions.
  4. Operational Simplicity: The client redirected focus from managing intricate agent relationships to core business activities, streamlining operations

Conclusion: Embracing a True One-Stop-Shop Solution

Through harnessing Zeidler’s European Facilities Agent service, the US-based asset management firm not only tackled the intricacies of managing a diverse array of local and paying agent relationships across the EU but also reaped substantial rewards. The consolidation of agreements, substantial cost savings, and enhanced operational efficiency empowered the firm to optimize cross-border operations, expedite market entry, and cement its competitive edge in the UCITS distribution landscape.

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