EET 1.1.2 Guide

24th January 2024

Our ESG legal team provides an overview guide on the Enhanced European ESG Template (EET) version 1.1.2 – your essential companion in navigating the intricate world of European financial compliance.

  • Essential Insights for Industry Players: Whether you’re a Product Manufacturer, Fund Distributor, or Financial Adviser, understanding the EET is key to enhancing your reporting accuracy and aligning with sustainable preferences.
  • Navigate Updates with Confidence: We break down the recent changes in version 1.1.2, offering clarity on typographical corrections, field transitions, and the introduction of new data fields. Stay informed and adapt seamlessly.
  • Mandatory Implementation Timeline: With the EET version 1.1.2 becoming mandatory for Entity Level Reporting by March 2024, our guide will assist you in preparing and implementing the necessary measures on time.

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Kwame Taylor