Diversity & Inclusion at Zeidler

19th July 2021

The topic of diversity and inclusion has become an international conversation that continues to challenge society on how we treat people who belong to different groups. This conversation continually teaches us how to become more mindful and respectful of different people’s identities and cultures. 


Here at Zeidler Group, it is important to us that every member of our team feels welcome and safe. We achieve this by ensuring our leaders champion initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion. Our HR and recruitment processes are also guided by up-to-date trainings which raise awareness around unconscious biases and encourage equal opportunities. 


Zeidler is a dynamic international law firm working across different cultures and practices. We aim to attract dynamic thinkers with valuable skills and experience. Equally, Zeidler aims to create career pathways for ambitious people just beginning their careers. 


We have a zero-tolerance approach to any form of discrimination. Our policies and procedures around diversity and inclusivity are constantly evolving to support this. 


Most importantly, we believe it is vital to invest in a positive work culture. We constantly look for new ways to communicate our values of transparency, collaboration and treating everyone with respect. This process involves listening to our team to ensure our approach is fit for purpose.


We think Zeidler is a great place to work, and we want you to think this too. We welcome people from different cultures, races, beliefs, and sexual orientations to apply and be a part of our team. 



Fola Oguntoye