CDD Update: Email Notifications

19th November 2021

Our development team have been busy working on improving the feature set introduced with the updates made with CDD version 2.0.

The CDD platform will now automatically send notifications directly to our client’s mailbox when updates are made to their assigned questionnaires.

The notification will cover three types of updates:

i. Risk Point Changes to questionnaires,
ii. Comments added to questionnaires, and
iii. Status changes (at the moment this will only alert when the status changes to Ready for Approval).

See below an example of this email notification:

The email notification groups the comments per questionnaire and shows all comments left from the counterparties for that day.

By clicking on the view button, you will be directed to the comment section in the relevant questionnaire:

The notifications can be managed through the questionnaire section on the platform. You will be directed to this section by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the notification.

The notifications can be managed by clicking on the manage notification button in the middle of the page. This will direct you to do the below menu:

This can also be managed per questionnaire by clicking on the bell icon on the right:

We hope the email notification update improves your workflow.

Please note that the email notifications are currently only sent to our clients. We are in the process of also introducing this update to all counterparties.

Our team of multi-disciplined compliance, legal and regulatory experts continue to work hard to ensure you can make sense of your distribution networks for compliance and mitigate risk.

We are passionate about ensuring you and your team can easily make sense of your distribution network, compliance obligations and risk management requirements.

For additional information, please email us at [email protected].