Cross-Border Distribution Framework (CBDF) Implementation Tracker

12th November 2021

The objective of the Cross-Border Distribution Directive and Regulation, effective from 2 August 2021, is to improve and simplify the cross-border distribution of investment funds within the EU. The directive and regulation applies to both UCITS and AIFs.

Zeidler’s legal and regulatory experts have summarised the implementation progress of the new CBDF-Directive in the relevant EU / EEA member states to ensure firms are aware of potential operational blind spots to maintain ongoing fund governance best practices.

Get clarity on each Member States’ implementation progress with Zeidler’s legal and regulatory expertise.

Access the whitepaper here

Please note this document will be updated periodically to reflect the implementation progress in each EU / EEA member state.

The document was last updated on Friday, 12 November 2021.


Sarah Noville


Sabir Musthafa