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What we do

Zeidler Group is a technology-driven law firm. We’re geo-neutral because it’s a better way to serve the asset management industry exclusively. We champion fresh ways to work efficiently with our clients and redefine legal value. Established in 2008 by Arne Zeidler, you’ll find us in Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Phoenix, and Winterthur.

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Taking away what
you don’t need

In the world of asset management, legal services are outdated. It’s time someone blew the dust off. That’s what we’ve done as specialists, handling investment funds law exclusively.

Zeidler works in your industry in a different way entirely, from fund formation and legal fund management to cross-border distribution globally. All the assumptions go out of the window, including the hourly rate.

Lean solutions,
not overblown advice

Zeidler offers asset managers five distinct advantages over other law firms. They mean we deliver your legal work altogether differently for greater efficiency and quality.

Our points of difference

True resourcing

Not every task in a law firm calls for a highly qualified lawyer. At Zeidler, you won’t find a sense of entitlement to bill high amounts for routine work.

Our approach breaks down legal processes and associated activities into clear parts: the complex, simple, technical and organizational.

Every side is resourced accordingly from within Zeidler, supported by time-saving technology. You still get bespoke, expert legal advice when it’s required, but you no longer overpay for it.

An integrated solution

Legal services are just that. Asset managers need joined-up solutions, beyond matters of the law. Our team is multi-disciplined because your projects are multi-faceted.

We bring together the legal, business and technical expertise required for your investment funds.

From fund formation onwards, you’re supported by a range of specialists who always know your project. You don’t have to find and brief additional service providers or worry about quality control.


To get leading, cross-border legal advice, you don’t need to pay for a law firm’s global real estate. And you shouldn’t have to wait for information to be gathered from different places.

As subject specialists, we bring the benefits of being geo-neutral. A few dedicated, strategic offices serve our clients, including the industry’s largest asset managers.

Globally, they find our in-depth understanding of underlying EU and international laws is far more useful than a diverse knowledge of national law. In the handful of cases where investment funds law isn’t harmonized, we have our own multi - jurisdictional capacities and a local counsel network.

A smarter structure

Legal firms operate on the same old partnership model, with associates pressured to keep on billing you. A longer project means more profit, which can't be the right approach.

We've turned this pyramid structure on its head. Zeidler is built from the ground of our clients up, focusing on swifter, day-to-day legal delivery.
You'll notice costs immediately drop and you now have the certainity of a fixed, flat fee from your legal firm.

Sector specialists

Asset management law is our sole interest, not just part of a wider division. We exclusively focus on investment fund structuring and legal fund management, alongside cross-border agreements and cross-border distribution (UCITS and AIFs).
As specialists in your business, we're here to offer you a legal alternative.