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Our innovation Lab

We’re always exploring new ways to deliver cost-effective legal solutions to a high quality. The Innovation Lab works by developing our own innovations and by supporting external businesses by investing in the them and providing them with strategic advice and business support.

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Zeidler Swift

The Zeidler Swift platform gives customers a new way to receive legal services from a law firm. It provides a feeling of control and oversight, which gives legal and compliance teams peace of mind. Furthermore, legal services are delivered as clearly described products with a defined outcome.

Zeidler Swift consists of various modules. The Fund Governance module provides an overview of the registration and compliance status of each client’s investment funds around the globe. It serves as a database for the relevant fund documents. Finally, the module provides an overview of upcoming filing requirements. The Fund Registration module allows the submission of instructions to register a fund in a particular country directly in the country overview – this replaces instructions by e-mail.

The Fund Formation Questionnaire module replaces unstructured phone calls to gather information from the client about their investment fund project. It collects the data and information which is required to set up an investment fund. The Fund Management Portal module is an adoption of the so-called Kanban methodology, which visualized the work-flow related to the lifecycle of an investment fund.

Global Knowledge Hub

The Global Knowledge Hub is one of our Lab projects. Many of our clients have asked us, if we could develop a web-based system to access our accumulated knowledge from registration and legal work in 45 jurisdictions.

Once completed, the Global Knowledge Hub will contain practical information about the registration and ongoing compliance requirements relevant for the distribution of UCITS and AIFs in 45 jurisdictions. Furthermore, it will include the marketing / pre-marketing rules, including private placements applicable to UCITS and AIFs in the same 45 countries.

At this point in time, it is planned to cover the following countries: 31 EEA countries (EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), Switzerland, Andorra, Australia, Chile, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Japan, Jersey, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and the UAE. Further countries can be added upon request by our clients. In addition to the web-based content, the Global Knowledge Hub will be complemented by a SLA for queries by phone or by e-mail about the rules and procedures in force in the 45 countries.


Legatics River is an end-to-end online deal platform focused on client experience and efficiency.

Lawyers add functionality to their matters by adding a ‘module’ to their matter. Each module captures a legal process (such as a CP checklisting or bibling) that has been redesigned in an efficient and client focused manner.

The modules incorporate high levels of automation to cut the amount of time junior lawyers spend on routine administrative tasks.

They also act as central points of information and coordination, updating all parties as to the status of the deal and what they have to do next. Parties perform their role in relation to a process online, whether that be adding a new draft of a document or approving a KYC item.

The result is a large saving of junior lawyer time and clients that can see their deal progress in real-time.

Zeidler Swift

Within our Lab, we are building Zeidler Swift, a Legal Tech platform with modules covering fund registration, international fund governance, and legal fund management. A new way to deliver legal services to clients.

Global Knowledge Hub

Relevant legal information for asset managers and investment funds (UCITS and AIFs) in 45 jurisdictions across the globe.


As part of our Lab, we have made an investment in Legatics, a company which has developed Legatics River, a live and efficient deal platform.